Landshapes are one of my favourite bands, and their new track ‘Francois’ is taken from probably one of the best records of this year, ‘Heyoon’.

Check out the delicious chord changes on this one, it reeks of Stereolab.. but with guitars! ..and that vocal. Wow. OK, I’ll leave you to bask in it…

Heyoon is available NOW on Bella Union, and you can buy it here.

WOMPS – Live A Little Less

Whoa! You wait an age for something new and exciting to come along, and then two roll up in the same week. This is Glasgow two-piece ‘WOMPS’ with their noisy brand of edgy power-pop. Recorded and produced by Mr Steve Albini in Chicago earlier this year, their long player should hopefully be heading our way soon. Check out this incredible video. It’s a little bit loud-quiet-loud pixieseque, with added scuzz for good measure. Good things are coming from these two, I can feel it.

The single ‘Live A Little Less’ is released by Damnably on September 18th, and you can pre-order it here.

Enemies – Play Fire

I get quite a few emails to the ol’ inbox for various new bands. I really like this one, they’re called Enemies (Topshelf Records), and the track is called ‘Play Fire’. It’s a bit Battles, a little bit math-rock/post-rock. Check out this amazing video by Finn Keenan.

You can buy it here, and their album is on the way.

Teardrop Factory – Thrash In The Heart

Released – 15/09/2014 (Faux Discx)
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Teardrop-Factory-Thrash-In-The-HeartScuzz duo Teardrop Factory continue their guitar-noise assault with the release of their debut long player ‘Thrash In The Heart’.

Kicking off with louder than hell ‘3AM Coke Dream’, the template is set for what is about to be a pretty extreme record. With its low slung riffs and pounding bass-lines, it’s brimming with attitude. There is nothing about this band that even wants you to like them. Second track in, ‘Bleed’ is full of noisy detail, with vocals just out of reach of the listener. The emphasis of the whole record is on snarling guitars and the wall-of-sound they create. The frequencies Teardrop Factory generate on each track is astounding. Continue reading

The Dodo’s – Live

Hoxton Bar & Kitchen – 06/11/2013

Tonight, San Francisco’s The Dodo’s play their second night at The Hoxton Bar & Kitchen, and the place is fit to burst. They arrive on stage and instantly launch into the huge build up that is ‘The Current’ from their latest outing, ‘Carrier’. From the get-go their sound is huge, and this is not what I was expecting from the quiet technical acoustic outfit I’ve been listening to for five years now. They seemed to take on a whole new shape when playing live. Continue reading

Nadine Khouri – Live

Old Chapel St. Pancras – 26/06/2013

Nadine Khouri played at the Old Church at St. Pancras. For anyone who has never had the pleasure of attending this venue, it is exactly as it’s name suggest, a tiny chapel just outside Kings X. It’s the kind of venue best suited for artists like Nadine Khouri, and her brand of stark, slow-core tales of love and spirituality.

Nadine is accompanied by Ruban Byrne on guitar and mostly plays Ukulele, and sometimes guitar, and occasional keyboard. As an artist she is very quiet and candid on stage, but when in full voice has the capacity to hold the entire audience to a whisper. Continue reading