Teardrop Factory – Topshop EP / Shudder Pulps – Housebound EP

Teardrop Factory – Topshop EP – Released 27/05/2013 (Faux Discx)
Shudder Pulps – Housebound EP – Released 12/08/2013 (Faux Discx)
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Teardrop Factory 'Topshop EP'Faux Discx is a record label based in Brighton, created and managed by (one third of Cold Pumas’) Dan Reeves. The label specialises in bringing guitar based art-rock back to the masses. It’s something of a phenomenon how their acts are sourced, and with each new release comes a new revelation.

Earlier in the year Cold Puma’s redefined noise-rock with their seminal ‘Persistent Malaise’ album, and the labels recent release from Teardrop Factory, and up and coming EP from Shudder Pulps adds to their sterling catalogue.

Teardrop Factory are a three-piece based in Brighton, and keeping in with the Faux Discx tradition of scuzz-pop and melodic guitar-based noise. Their debut ‘Topshop EP’ is released as part of Faux Discx ‘Monotone’ 7″ series and completely encapsulates the many facets of their sound in the four tracks on offer. Continue reading

The Dodos – Carrier

Released 27/08/2013 (Polyvinyl Records)
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The Dodo’s are duo Meric Long and Logan Kroeber (often accompanied by an ever-changing cast of supporting musicians) and they hail from San Francisco. Long time stalwarts of the US ‘college scene’ their breakthrough album ‘Visiter’ was released in 2008, and they’ve gained a huge following since that time. The Dodo’s are famed for their live shows, and imaginative use of instruments (tambourine shoes, no really), and also for their vocals and very technical guitar structures. Labelled as ‘indie/folk’ some time ago, this feels like a label they have both outgrown and redefined. There is no doubt they have some roots in folks, but their ability to shapeshift throughout any of their tracks makes this feel like a catagorisation too far. Continue reading

Daft Punk – Random Access Memories

Released – 17/05/2013 (Columbia Records)
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Daft Punk Random Access MemoriesFollowing on from 2005’s ‘Human After All’ and 2010’s ‘Tron : Legacy’ soundtrack, it’s hard to ignore the media circus which has encapsulated the release of Daft Punk’s new offering ‘Random Access Memories’. It’s easy to forget how long the French duo have been churning out the hits, and their expansive back-catalogue span some 16 years. Over that time, Daft Punk have managed to create some of the most iconic dance music of any artist, and there is always an undeniably timeless feel to everything they do. In terms of musical style, they are electronic for the most part, but never shy away from the use of live instruments whenever they need to. ‘Random Access Memories’ is possibly their most ‘instrumental-driven’ output yet. Continue reading

Parquet Courts – Light Up Gold

Released – 15/04/2013 (Mom+Pop / What’s Your Rupture)
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Parquet Courts are a four piece from Brooklyn, New York and possibly the most American band you’ll have heard in a while. Most notably compared to early Pavement, circa ‘Slanted and Enchanted’, they encapsulate just about everything about New York’s musical heritage; repetitive chords from Ramones, spoken word rants from the early eighties ‘No Wave’ scene, and all done with the swagger and confidence that’s impossibly Iggy Pop. They’re aware of their musical pedigree, and my god they’re going to use it.

Opener ‘Master of My Craft’ is a simple three and a half minute pop ditty, with spoken lyrics over aggressive surf guitar. This has Pavement written all over it. Continue reading

My Bloody Valentine – MBV

Released – 03/02/13 (Pickpocket Records)
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My Bloody Valentine - mbvFor the newcomer to My Bloody Valentine, their music can come to some as a bit of a shock. It’s not like anything you have ever heard before, and it can be an acquired taste.  My Bloody Valentine hail from Ireland and were formed in 1983. After a number of single and EP releases, their first long player ‘Isn’t Anything’ was released in 1988.  The thing with My Bloody Valentine is that their music is very loud and very chaotic, but conversely very gentle. It can feel like an assault on the senses, but with further inspection, it can also be incredibly soothing. Continue reading

Everything Everything – _Arc_

Released – 14/01/13 (RCA)
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Everything Everything ArcManchester four-piece Everything Everything return with their much-awaited follow-up to 2010’s ‘Man Alive’ in the shape of ‘_Arc_’ (pun intended). As you might expect, they’re as mental as ever. It’s difficult to pin down Everything Everything in terms of sound or genre as they jump all over the place. One minute they can be a pop act, and the next they’re experimenting with bee-bop jazz. Everything Everything are the very definition of eclectic.

First out is the single ‘Cough Cough’ with twitchy stop-start drumming and who knows what they’re singing about. Its rhythm and harmonies are infectious from the start and despite its utter madness, it is difficult not to sing along, even after only a couple of listens. Continue reading